Coming Out Of Religion – Workshops and Seminars

A range of workshops and seminars are available covering a broad range of issues for LGBT people who have suffered under the burden of religion.

Workshops are usually limited to 20 participants to ensure personal attention.

Topics include:

  • The science of LGBT
  • Understanding paradigms
  • The nature of religion and why we “believe”
  • Reparative (or conversion) therapy and religious abuse
  • Life, love and hope for the future

All enquiries: 

This is where the rubber hits the road!

It’s all very well to read and interact online, but face to face is where it becomes “real”, so we are building a network of small groups. They aren’t a “ministry” or a place for counselling. We aren’t interested in anyone who has a mission to preach or promote any particular doctrines, no matter how good they may seem. These groups are very safe, very discrete, loving, non-judgemental, places to share our struggles, our doubts, to question our beliefs, to reconcile our sexuality, to pour out our hearts in absolute safety and encourage each other to live our journeys with honesty and integrity, no matter what that looks like.

The key thing though, is it’s not about someone trying to “lead” a group! This is all of us working together in love. So if you want to start a group of your own, even if its just you and a friend, find a nice little cafe (a neutral open place) and spend time together. Use this website to find topics that may help you share, and most importantly, get the Handbook which lays out really simple and obvious guidelines.

You also need to join the Gaylent Sighs secret Facebook group for updates and sharing issues that come up. (Just send us your email or contact us through Facebook and we’ll add you to the group). You can also use the group to find other people in your area. We have some very experienced and compassionate people as admins who are there for you. Remember, it’s really important that we all comply with the guidelines. Above all, Silent Gays groups MUST be safe places!

Auckland Support groups

North Shore:

10am to 12pm, 4th Saturday of the month
Mozaik Cafe, Constellation Drive, Rosedale