We’ve only just begun…

Reparative therapy – Conversion therapy – “pray away the gay” – is on the decline and many organisations are closing their doors because they have realised that it doesn’t work. There’s a few fundamentalist die-hards that have regrouped to form even more evil and destructive “ministries”, and some of the smaller ones persist despite the overwhelming evidence […]

20 Questions for “Ex-gay” Ministry Leaders

20 Questions for “Ex-gay” Ministry Leaders (Quoted from Ambassadors and Bridge Builders International (ABBI) by Anthony Venn-Brown) 1. Do you know of anyone who was completely gay (not a bisexual) who has become completely heterosexual 2. Considering that scientific research demonstrates that homosexuality is not caused by sexual abuse or by poor parenting what do […]

Being Gay, Living Silent!

I’m proud to announce the publishing of a new booklet for the LGBT and religious community. For too many LGBT people in religion, they are literally “being gay, living silent”. For many, education is the first step to freedom: education on the basics of gender and sexuality, mind sets or “paradigms”, religious abuse, and hope […]