Come Out!

Silent Gays tagline line is “coming out of religion”, so I thought I might expand on this a little. Obviously it’s a double reference to coming out as LGBT and coming out of religion – but why the two together? Surely you can still be gay or whatever but not leave your faith/beliefs behind? Yes, […]

Lets talk about anal sex

I talk to a lot of people about being gay, especially christians. Once you cut through all the religious doctrinal rubbish you usually end up with “the yuck factor”. This is the dreaded anal sex – yes, in the end this is what it comes down to for far too many people. There’s even a […]

Sex and Religion

I’ve joined forces with Recovering from Religion! These guys are an amazing team of dedicated volunteers who provide resources for anyone who has “left the fold” or are seriously questioning their belief system. They provide heaps of resources, a phone hotline, counselling, face to face groups etc. They are wonderfully LGBTI affirming in every way […]


I’ve waited a couple of days to ponder over the Orlando shooting and all the implications. There has been an incredible outpouring of love and strength from the LGBT community and the world at large. Probably not much more I could add to all that. There has been a lot of blame juggling – from […]