Anthony Venn-Brown – A Life of Unlearning

For years Anthony Venn-Brown was one of the leading lights in mega churches, like Hillsong church, preaching to thousands on a weekly basis. AVBBut behind the hosannas and praise the lords, Venn-Brown’s attraction to other men saw the preacher spend years in conversion therapy before finally coming out the other side as a proud gay man.

This week Venn-Brown will launch a new edition of his autobiography, A Life of Unlearning. READ MORE…



This happens all too often

Great comment from Joshua Tongol:

Former pastor, Matthew Makela, resigned from his position at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Midland after his activity on a gay hook-up app (Grindr) was exposed,

Jennifer Kish said her then 17-year-old son Tyler suffered from depression and even considered suicide because he was told by Makela he was going to hell because he was gay.