I’ve waited a couple of days to ponder over the Orlando shooting and all the implications. There has been an incredible outpouring of love and strength from the LGBT community and the world at large. Probably not much more I could add to all that. There has been a lot of blame juggling – from […]

We’ve only just begun…

Reparative therapy – Conversion therapy – “pray away the gay” – is on the decline and¬†many organisations¬†are closing their doors because they have realised that it doesn’t work. There’s a few fundamentalist die-hards that have regrouped to form even more evil and destructive “ministries”, and some of the smaller ones persist despite the overwhelming evidence […]

I Love To Be Loved

The simplicity of love! It’s not hard, or complicated. We have turned it into some crazy spiritual/religious/moral/ethical maze of conditions and exemptions. We have dissected it into oblivion and robbed it of power and declared it unachievable on any practical level. But I love to be loved! I know what love is when I receive […]