Love yourself!

A wonderful friend (Ru Gof) posted this pic today, which reminded me that this is the greatest and most powerful truth we can embrace. We may THINK we feel love for others – we may become overwhelmed by emotion for others and feel a huge heart response to them. We may genuinely put others first and try to meet their needs. We might do everything that looks like love – but it isn’t. It’s a subconscious construct that we adopt to hide our own lack of self love. Its a deflection from the need to look at our own self loathing and fear. Our lack of self love/worth colours every single thought, emotion and action. Self love is THE only way to truly love others, no matter how you justify it, no matter what your emotions might say, or how loving your actions look. It’s not real. Love yourself first. Only then will the love your experience and express for others be pure and untainted by our own needs. This is a hard reality – very hard!! Because there are so many beautiful people who do incredibly loving selfless actions, based on their emotional perceptions and responses. They are genuine and do amazing things for so many, and they can be incredibly empathetic and compassionate as well! But it’s not real love! This can be horrific for those fragile ones amongst us to recognise, mostly because it means they have to confront their inner demon of self hatred, which often masks itself as “sacrificial” love, and “empathy”. It can be a large can of worms, especially for abuse victims – which includes religious abuse (and even just devotion to standard christian doctrines!), as well as physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Self love is the key to freedom, no matter what any religion or philosophy tells you. It’s not pride or arrogance. It’s not narcissism. It’s a true evaluation of the uniquely beautiful and perfect you. Be brave – live loved!!


  • logan Reply

    this is me all over , you have captured my brokenness abuse and distain for every part of me. i thought i loved from a genuine place, but i woke up last week and it hit me, I’ve never loved ,nor had i been loved I HAVE PAID THE PRICE NEARLY WITH MY LIFE.

    • silentgays Reply

      The revelation can be pretty devastating, but at the same time its like starting from a clean slate. You can begin to see yourself, your history and the future for what it really is and use it as a starting point to build real self love.
      Allow yourself to grieve and to start the journey of finding who you really are – perfectly, uniquely and wonderfully you – worth every bit of love in the universe!

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