Getting help is what its all about, and most often, the very people who should be helping are the ones who are doing the most damage. Although we are based in New Zealand feel free to ask for help no matter where you are!
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Our Facebook page is very active and is a good starting place to get to know us


Outline is a secular affirming LGBTI national support network (New Zealand only) offering phone support and face to face counseling


An inspiring project for LGBT youth. Heaps of personal video “testimonies” and support.
it gets better

Doubt your beliefs? Have questions about changing or leaving your faith?
You are not alone, and we are here to help.


Assists LGBTI people from Christian backgrounds on their journey to reconciling their faith, sexuality and gender identity (Australia only)

Louise von Maltitz

Auckland based counselling and therapy, very LGBT affirming, specialising in Sex Therapy

Paths Together

A sexual well-being advocacy network in New Zealand, upholding the Human rights of adults with disabilities and their families to gain access to Sex Education, Relationships and Dating information, for ALL sexual and gender identities

Paths Together