Honesty: The Final Frontier

This is a quote from Ken Dahl, check out his books, highly recommended!
We don’t tend to seriously investigate (or study) the things that we don’t want to know, and don’t want to be true. In fact, most people surround themselves with people who give them the permission to stay right where they are. It is a matter of … comfort, and even flat-out intellectual laziness.
We may say, “I like to be challenged and stretched and learn new things.” But what we (actually) mean is that we would like to hear more about what we already currently believe, perhaps more in-depth or more colorful/poetic versions of the same old information, and mostly from only the people we already agree with.

Kicking off!

OK, I’d better get into the swing of blogging!

I’m so used to Facebook, I forget that there are a lot of you out there who prefer following blogs instead. Facebook can be a bit of a minefield!

First up, things are going well! We made around $1200 from our local fund-raiser. Its a great start to help offset costs of running all this. I hate fund-raising and asking for money, but this is my full time work now, check out the Money page for ways to support us, some of which are very painless!

Secondly, we’ll be starting up meetings in South Auckland soon, so stay posted if you are a local.

Remember, wherever you are, anywhere worldwide, and want to link in with what we are doing, get in touch, check out the Meetings page and we’ll help you set up a support group.

We’d love to hear from you as well – opinions, stories, research etc. If you would like to share your own journey submit it to us and we’ll check it out to see if its suitable to put it in the Real Stories page to encourage others. Sharing our own unique story can often be more helpful than we realise!

Stay true to yourself and Live Loved


Some simple stats about suicide.

This is a serious issue, and one of the main reason’s Silent Gays exists.

facts about suicide





Welcome to the new Silent Gays Blog page.

Instead of the Facebook feed, we’ve decided to create a dedicated blog, providing a broad range of articles, resources, ideas etc that are more accessible to a much broader audience rather than just social media.

Comments will be available for a trial period. They tend to get trolled by highly objectionable people so we’ll just see how it goes for a while!