Internalised Homophobia

Internalised Homophobia is a real thing, and it’s one of the most destructive things LGBT people can suffer from. Basically, you’ve been conditioned by cultural and religious input for so long that you “know” that being gay is perverted and sinful. You are convinced that anyone who is LGBT is sick and needs to repent […]

Jim Marjoram – former Living Waters Leader

Thanks to Anthony Venn-Brown for this great article. Being gay was something I couldn’t put words to as a child, being attracted to guys was simply how I was wired. But it was always “wrong” and filled me with shame, so after a spiritual experience at 15, I determined to become straight, going through every […]

We’ve only just begun…

Reparative therapy – Conversion therapy – “pray away the gay” – is on the decline and many organisations are closing their doors because they have realised that it doesn’t work. There’s a few fundamentalist die-hards that have regrouped to form even more evil and destructive “ministries”, and some of the smaller ones persist despite the overwhelming evidence […]

Another blow to reparative therapy!

U.S. Supreme Court delivers another blow to conversion therapy industry The action came in an appeal filed by the rabidly anti-LGBT group Liberty Counsel, which argued that New Jersey’s law violates the religious and free speech rights of a young man and his parents… [click here for full story]  

Bloody Money!!

I’ve been pretty up front with the financial needs of running Silent Gays and getting my book off the ground, as well as trying to fund my new LGBT information booklet. I have a few faithful supporters who have been amazing and helped through tough times – you know who you are and I have […]