Over the last few years, as I’ve developed the Silent Gays project, I’ve observed something very disturbing. People put forward many ideas about why young guys, in particular, commit suicide. This article is powerful and points to one of the major issues concerning young guys inability to talk about themselves and share what’s going on […]

My Legacy

Many people think that I’m “out and proud”, and that my days of living in hidden trauma, depression and self loathing are long gone. I guess I do give that impression because I’m a passionate advocate for helping people untangle the mess of religion that causes untold damage to millions (and not just LGBT people). […]

It’s Life Jim… – New Edition

It’s finally here!  This new edition has a couple of extra chapters and various tweaks. I have felt for some time that I needed to “finish the story”. Although the 1st Edition covered all the basics, there were a couple of things that I was never brave enough to include. Grab a copy and write […]

Why do you still believe?

[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Religion is a hard task master, and utterly brutal if you are not “straight” (adhere to the heterosexual norm). For those of us who turned to religion for answers, what exactly did that religion do? Did it make you feel unconditionally loved and accepted just the way you are, or did […]

Come Out!

Silent Gays tagline line is “coming out of religion”, so I thought I might expand on this a little. Obviously it’s a double reference to coming out as LGBT and coming out of religion – but why the two together? Surely you can still be gay or whatever but not leave your faith/beliefs behind? Yes, […]