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Love yourself!

A wonderful friend (Ru Gof) posted this pic today, which reminded me that this is the greatest and most powerful truth we can embrace. We may THINK we feel love for others – we may become overwhelmed by emotion for others and feel a huge heart response to them. We may genuinely put others first […]

My Legacy

Many people think that I’m “out and proud”, and that my days of living in hidden trauma, depression and self loathing are long gone. I guess I do give that impression because I’m a passionate advocate for helping people untangle the mess of religion that causes untold damage to millions (and not just LGBT people). […]

New levels of support!

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new support group to Silent Gays. We now have two Facebook “secret” groups – SG1 and SG2 to cover the level of support you may need. SG1 (our original support group) is a group for people to share their hearts and stories, to rant and rave and find […]

The Psychological Legacy

If you’ve read my book “It’s Life Jim…” you’ll be familiar with how my mental state was affected by my life of battling sexuality with religion and the constant fight with depression and suicide ideation. When my wife died it all came to a head and I had a “meltdown” or whatever you want to […]

It’s Life Jim… – New Edition

It’s finally here!  This new edition has a couple of extra chapters and various tweaks. I have felt for some time that I needed to “finish the story”. Although the 1st Edition covered all the basics, there were a couple of things that I was never brave enough to include. Grab a copy and write […]

Come Out!

Silent Gays tagline line is “coming out of religion”, so I thought I might expand on this a little. Obviously it’s a double reference to coming out as LGBT and coming out of religion – but why the two together? Surely you can still be gay or whatever but not leave your faith/beliefs behind? Yes, […]

The Missing Chapter

This is probably the most difficult thing I’ll ever share about my life. In my book “It’s Life Jim…” I shared the complexities of my life with as much honesty, openness and integrity as I could – except for the 22 years of marriage. I gave it a general, neutral sort of appraisal, mostly out […]

Lets talk about anal sex

I talk to a lot of people about being gay, especially christians. Once you cut through all the religious doctrinal rubbish you usually end up with “the yuck factor”. This is the dreaded anal sex – yes, in the end this is what it comes down to for far too many people. There’s even a […]

Sex and Religion

I’ve joined forces with Recovering from Religion! These guys are an amazing team of dedicated volunteers who provide resources for anyone who has “left the fold” or are seriously questioning their belief system. They provide heaps of resources, a phone hotline, counselling, face to face groups etc. They are wonderfully LGBTI affirming in every way […]